Welcome to Dermanew,

Welcome to Dermanew, An advanced medical and cosmetic dermatology clinic situated in the heart of city-medical mor. Dermanew has been setup to provide best skin care with beautiful blend of clinical dermatology and modern cosmetic innovations while adhering to ethical standards of medical case.

We offer comprehensive care in all skin disease like –

Vitiligo Psoriasis Eczema Rosacea

Fungal infection Skin cancer

Sexually transmitted diseases Leprosy

Dermanew caters to the growing cosmetically conscious dealing Ageing, wrinkles, Pigmentation, Lose skin, Scars, Tanning, Hair fall.

We have us FDA approved laser devices to deal with

• Unwanted Hairs

• Acne Scars

• Pigmentation

• Skin tag /wart removal by electrocantery

When it comes to luxury beauty treatment, we believe quality over quantity.

We offer :-

• Botox, Fillers, Threads

• Medifacials, Hydrafacials

• Permanent make up – Eyebrows, lips

• Radiofrequency Body sculpting,

• skin tightening

• Body piercing

• Feminine Rejuvenation.

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