Acne , also called as ‘pimples’ is a self limiting disorder of scbaceous glandr. There are 4 main factors which case acne.

1. Excessive sebum production - oily skin.
2. Inflammation,
3. Propionibacterium acnes
4. Follicular Hyper proliferation (Black heads)

It mainly affects young age group and presents as black head, white head, red raised nodules which may be painfull, cysts, scars, Pigmentel site face, upper chest, back, shoulders.

In general laboratory testing is not required, but it may be required in few cases. Treatment is usually taken to avoid stubborn pigmentations and permanent scarring.

Treatment includes various eseems, face washes, oral medication, chemical peeling. Your doctor will decides which combination treatment will suit you. There are various other modalities also like LED blue light therapy, intraregional injection for cysts, PRP or micro needling for scars, phototherapy, laser. Every patient responds differently, so get your acne treatment plan by a bond certified dermatologist.

Acne has severe impact on quality of life of the suffers suffering from acne may hamper self confidence. Hence getting the right treatment under the supervision of dermatologist is very important.